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40 nm lithography process
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The 40 nanometer (40 nm) lithography process is a half-node semiconductor manufacturing process used as a stopgap between the 45 nm and 32 nm processes. Commercial integrated circuit manufacturing using 40 nm process began in 2008 by leading semiconductor companies such as TSMC. This technology superseded by commercial 32 nm process by 2010.


Metal Layers​
1st Production​
Contacted Gate Pitch​
Interconnect Pitch (M1P)​
SRAM bit cell
TSMC Samsung Toshiba / NEC Crolles2 Alliance
4Q 2008
Value 65 nm Δ Value 65 nm Δ Value 65 nm Δ Value 65 nm Δ
162 nm 1.01x 129 nm 0.65x 168 nm 0.67x 140 nm  ?x
120 nm 0.67x 117 nm 0.65x  ? nm  ?x  ? nm  ?x
0.242 µm2 0.46x  ? µm2  ?x 0.195 µm2 0.33x 0.250 µm2  ?x

40 nm Microprocessors[edit]

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