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Ice Lake (server) µarch
General Info
Arch TypeCPU
Process10 nm
Core NamesIce Lake SP,
Ice Lake X
Ice Lake (client)

Ice Lake (ICL, ICX) Server Configuration is Intel's successor to Cascade Lake, a 10 nm microarchitecture for enthusiasts and servers.


Core Abbrev Target
Ice Lake X ICL-X High-end desktops & enthusiasts market
Ice Lake W ICL-W Enterprise/Business workstations
Ice Lake SP ICL-SP Server Scalable Processors

Release Dates[edit]

Cooper Lake and Ice Lake roadmap.

Ice Lake server processors are said to launch in the first half of 2020.

Process Technology[edit]

See also: Ice Lake (client) § Process Technology

Ice Lake will use a second-generation enhanced 10 nm process called "10 nm+". Versus the first generation 10nm which was used for Cannon Lake, 10nm+ will feature higher performance through higher drive current for the same power envelope.

Compiler support[edit]

Support for Ice Lake was added in LLVM Clang 6.0 and GCC 8.0.

Compiler Arch-Specific Arch-Favorable
ICC -march=icelake -mtune=icelake
GCC -march=icelake -mtune=icelake
LLVM -march=icelake -mtune=icelake
Visual Studio /? /tune:?


Core Extended
Family Extended
 ? 0 0x6 0x?  ?
Family 6 Model ?
 ? 0 0x6  ?  ?
Family 6 Model ?


Key changes from Cascade Lake[edit]

  • Enhanced "10nm+" (from 14 nm)
  • Sunny Cove core
    • See Sunny Cove for microarchitectural details and changes
  • I/O
    • PCIe 4.0 (from PCIe 3.0)
  • Memory
    • Higher bandwidth (190.7 GiB/s, up from 143.1 GiB/s)
    • Octa-channel (up from hexa-channel)
    • 3200 MT/s (up from 2933 MT/s)
    • Optane DC DIMMs
      • Apache Pass Barlow Pass
  • Platform
  • Packaging
    • 4189-contact flip-chip LGA (up from 3647 contacts)

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

New instructions[edit]

Ice Lake introduced a number of new instructions. See Sunny Cove § New Instructions for details.

All Ice Lake Chips[edit]

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 List of Ice Lake Processors
 Main processorFrequency/TurboMemMajor Feature Diff
ModelLaunchedPriceFamilyCore NameCoresThreadsL2$L3$TDPFrequencyMax TurboMax MemTurboSMT
 Multiprocessors (2-way)
 Multiprocessors (4-way)
 Multiprocessors (8-way)
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codenameIce Lake (server) +
designerIntel +
first launched2020 +
full page nameintel/microarchitectures/ice lake (server) +
instance ofmicroarchitecture +
instruction set architecturex86-64 +
manufacturerIntel +
microarchitecture typeCPU +
nameIce Lake (server) +
process10 nm (0.01 μm, 1.0e-5 mm) +