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Willow Cove µarch
General Info
Arch TypeCPU
Process10 nm

Willow Cove is the successor to Sunny Cove, a high-performance 10 nm x86 core microarchitecture designed by Intel for an array of server and client products, including Tiger Lake.


Intel Core roadmap

Willow Cove was originally unveiled by Intel at their 2018 architecture day. Willow Cove is intended to succeed Sunny Cove in the 2020 timeframe.

Process Technology[edit]

Willow Cove is designed to take advantage of Intel's 10 nm process.


Key changes from Sunny Cove[edit]

  • New cache subsystem
    • 1.25MB L2 cache per core, up from 512KB per core in Sunny Cove
    • 3MB L3 cache per core, 50% more than Sunny Cove
  • Security features

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New instructions[edit]

Willow Cove introduced a number of new instructions:

  • Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET) enhancements
  • MOVDIR - Direct stores
  • Additional AVX-512 extensions:

Only on server parts (Sapphire Rapids):


  • Intel Architecture Day 2018, December 11, 2018
codenameWillow Cove +
designerIntel +
first launched2020 +
full page nameintel/microarchitectures/willow cove +
instance ofmicroarchitecture +
instruction set architecturex86-64 +
manufacturerIntel +
microarchitecture typeCPU +
nameWillow Cove +
process10 nm (0.01 μm, 1.0e-5 mm) +