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150 nm lithography process

The 150 nanometer (150 nm) lithography process is a half-node semiconductor manufacturing process used as a stopgap between the 180 nm and 130 nm processes. Commercial integrated circuit manufacturing using 55 nm process began in early 2000s. This technology superseded by commercial 130 nm, 110 nm, and 90 nm processes.


Process Name​
1st Production​
Metal Layers​
Contacted Gate Pitch​
Interconnect Pitch (M1P)​
SRAM bit cell
TSMC Fujitsu
2000 2002
Value 180 nm Δ Value 180 nm Δ
 ? nm  ?x  ? nm  ?x
 ? nm  ?x  ? nm  ?x
3.42 µm2 0.74x  ? µm2  ?x

150 nm Microprocessors[edit]

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