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In 2001:

  • March 20: Qualcomm announces the MSM6xxx family of system on chips with 2G and 3G support
  • May 14: AMD announces the Athlon 4 family of high-performance mobile microprocessors
  • June 4-8: Computex Taipei 2001 tradeshow
    • June 5: AMD announces their first multiprocessing platform, the Athlon MP family and the AMD-760MP chipset
  • October 9: AMD announces the Athlon XP family of high-performance processors, a successor to Athlon
  • September 3: HP announced they would merge with Compaq in a $25 billion merger
  • October 15: Microprocessor Forum at San Jose, CA
    • AMD discloses their upcoming microarchitecture K8 "Hammer".
  • December 3: AMD announced the world's fastest CMOS transistor at the time, a prototype CMOS transistor with a 15-nanometer gate length and an 0.8 operating voltage with a switching speed of 300 fs (0.3 ps).
  • Unknown: Rapport was founded, a fabless semiconductor company that focused massively parallel chips.