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rapport incorporated logo.png
Type Private
Founded 2001
Founder Andrew Singer
Debby Hindus
Fate Dissolved
Defunct 2009
Headquarters Redwood City, CA

Rapport, Inc. was a fabless semiconductor company that focused on low-cost, embedded and massively parallel chip architectures.

Founded in 2001, Rapport introduced their first many-core microprocessor in the mid 2000s which incorporated 256 cores. On July 20, 2005 Rapport received a $7 Million Series A funding. In 2006 they announced a partnership with IBM to produce a kilo-core microprocessor. On October 23, 2007 it was announced they received a $18.5 million investment in Series C financing. The company appears to have been dissolved sometimes in 2009 with some of its IPs possibly sold to 'Personal Web Systems'.


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Facts about "Rapport"
company typeprivate +
defunct2009 +
fateDissolved +
founded2001 +
founded locationCalifornia +
founderAndrew Singer + and Debby Hindus +
full page namerapport +
headquartersRedwood City, CA +
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