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Rapport Kilocore
rapport kc256.jpg
Developer Rapport, IBM
Type Microprocessors
Introduction 2005 (announced)
January, 2006 (launch)
Architecture many-core 8-bit microprocessor
µarch Kilocore
Word size 8 bit
1 octets
2 nibbles
Process 180 nm
0.18 μm
1.8e-4 mm
Package TQFP-144

Kilocore was a family of 8-bit MPPA microprocessors designed by Rapport introduced in 2006 that implemented their "KiloCore Architecture Computing Fabric", a scalable many-core architecture.


Kilocore architecture is based on leased technology from the PipeRench Project from Carnegie Mellon.

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The first model of the Kilocore family was the KC256 which made a debut at the 2006 CES. This model incorporated 256 cores in a grid of 16 strips of 16 cores each. In 2006 IBM announced a joint collaboration with Rapport to produce 2 additional models: KC1024 and KC1025. The 1024 model was supposed to be roughly the design of KC256 times 4. The 1025 model is the same as the 1024 model with an additional IBM Power PC CPU core incorporated as well for general-purpose tasks. These two models appear to have never made it to market before Rapport was dissolved in 2009.

Model Introduction Cores Word Size Description
KC256 2006 256 8 bit 256 homogeneous cores
KC1024 Planned for 2008 1024 8 bit 1024 homogeneous cores
KC1025 Planned for 2008 1024+1 8 bit 1024 homogeneous cores + IBM PowerPC coprocessor


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first announced2005 +
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word size8 bit (1 octets, 2 nibbles) +