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Unix Time1072915200 - 1104537599

In 2004:

  • May 7: Intel acknowledges they've reached a "thermal wall" on their microprocessors; new emphasis on multi-core.
  • May 7: Intel cancels Enhanced NetBurst (Tejas and Jayhawk cores).
  • May 24: AMD announces the Geode NX family of performance embedded processors based on the Thoroughbred core
  • July 15: Embedded C first technical report (ISO/IEC TR 18037:2004) is published.
  • July 28: AMD introduces the Sempron family.
  • September 13: Cavium announces their first completely in-home designed cnMIPS microarchitecture. A first implementation of the MIPS64 Revision 2 ISA.
  • September 13: Cavium announces the OCTEON family of multi-core network processors.