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/window Command - mIRC
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The /window command can be used to create custom windows and picture windows (using the -p switch), or to manipulate an existing custom or channel window.


/window [-abBcCdDe[N]fg[N]hHij[N]k[N]l[N]mMn[N]oprRsSuvw[N]xz] [-tN,..,N] [+bdeflLnstx] <@name> [x y [w h]] [/command] [popup.txt/@popup] [font [size]] [iconfile [N]]


Option Switches[edit]

  • -a - Set as the active window
  • -b - Update horizontal scrollbar width for the listbox
  • -B - Prevent window from using an internal border
  • -c - Close window
  • -C - Center window
  • -d - Create a separate desktop window (separate button in Windows taskbar) instead of a mIRC mdi window
  • -D - Enables @window's upper-left system menu choice to toggle @window between mdi/desktop without closing the window
  • -e[N] - Enable editbox; 0 = single, 1 = multi, 2 = auto, 3 = default
  • -f - Makes the w h the required width and height of the text display area (instead of the window size)
  • -g[N] - Set/Unset highlight for window button; 0 = none, 1 = message colour, 2 = highlight colour, 3 = event colour
  • -h - hide window (from the switchbar / treebar - it is still visible in mIRC's Window menu)
  • -H - Enables auto-hide for a side-listbox
  • -i - Associate window with the active connection
  • -j[N] - Change max lines. If N=0 or -j not used, max lines changes with current setting for mirc-Options/Other/WindowBuffer that defaults as 5000. Adding lines to full window causes lines at top of window to be deleted.
  • -k[N] - Hides the @ prefix; 0 = hide, 1 = show
  • -l[N] - Listbox, n - width (character count)
  • -m - Enable line marker in the window
  • -M - Trims off the text at tab stops
  • -n[N] - Minimize window; 2 = Hide auto-expanding @Treebar item
  • -o - (used with -d) keep the desktop window on top of other windows
  • -p - Creates a picture window
  • -r - Restore window
  • -R - Reset window position to previously saved position
  • -s - Sorts the main window (can be text or listbox)
  • -S - Sort the side-listbox
  • -u - Removes on-top setting (-o)
  • -v - Close window when associated status window is closed
  • -w[N] - Show/hide window from treebar or switchbar; 0 = hide from both, 1 = show in switchbar, 2 = show in treebar, 3 = show in both
  • -x - Maximize window
  • -z[N] - Place window button at end of switchbar; 0 = restore original position, 1 = place window at end. If [N] is not given it defaults to 1

Tab Switches[edit]

  • -tN,..,N - Lets you set custom tab positions in a listbox. If a text contains tabs, it will be spaced out accordingly, if you don't specify at least one tab stop, the window is not created but no error will be displayed.

Note: By default a window contains a tab stop every 8 characters and it is possible to use /window -M without using /window -t.

Note2: It is now possible to use N = 0 if you are using -M, to create an invisible column, which can be useful to hide meta-data for that line.

Note3: You can update the tab stop position once the window has been created with /window -t @win N N N, which is different from the orignal syntax /window -tN,N,N @win

Appearance Switches[edit]

Mostly applicable to Desktop windows:

  • +b - Border
  • +d - No border
  • +e - 3d Edge
  • +f - Dialog frame
  • +l - Tool window [app. 1]
  • +L - Tool window (hide from taskbar) [app. 1]
  • +n - Minimize window
  • +s - Sizeable
  • +t - Titlebar
  • +x - Maximize window
  1. 1.0 1.1 Tools windows have no Titlebar or min/max/close buttons.


  • <@name> - The window name, must be prefixed with a @ symbol
  • x y [w h] - The coordinates for the position and the optional width and height, use -1 for any of the parameters to use default (or existing) value
  • /command - default command which is used to prepopulate the window's editbox
  • popup.txt/@popup - popup filename, must be plain text file, or can be the name of a window, representing the popups menu of that window in a remote file
  • font [size] - font name [font size]
  • iconfile [N] - sets a custom titlebar icon for the window [index]

Note: If you specify -1 for any of the x,y,w,h values, the current value is used for an existing window, or a default value used if you are creating a new window.

Note: mIRC does not allow window names @mirc (-2) or @mdi (-3) or @desktop (-1), that's because these names are used internally by mIRC to represent the different mIRC windows for $window(-1), $window(-2) and $window(-3). You can use these names in $window() though, to make things clearer if you want.


Example 1[edit]

Picture window

Alias Example1 {
  ;Create a desktop + picture window, Coordinates: (250,250), size 300x300
  window -dep @Example 250 250 300 300
  ;color it color 3 (default green)
  drawfill @Example 3 3 1 1 100 100
  ;draw text "Hello There!"
  drawtext @Example 1 Arial 30 50 100 Hello There!

Example 2[edit]

Custom window with side listbox

Alias Example2 {
  ;Create a desktop, Coordinates: (100,100), size 500x350
  ;Side listbox (width: 15 characters)
  window -del15 @Example 100 100 500 350
  ;Populate the side listbox with 5 items.
  var %a = 1
  while (%a < 5) {
    ;Add an item
    aline -l $v1 @Example Item $v1
    inc %a
  ;Add 5 lines to the window buffer
  var %a = 1
  while (%a < 5) {
    ;Add a line of text
    aline $v1 @Example This is line $v1 $+ .
    inc %a

Example 3[edit]

Making unique window name from $nick while avoiding the 3 protected window names:

//window -ek @ $+ $nick $+ $iif($istok(mdi desktop mirc,$nick,32),$ctime)


Added: mIRC v5.0
Added on: 02 Apr 1997
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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