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/hdel Command - mIRC
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The /hdel command deletes an item/data-value pair from an existing hash table.


/hdel [-sw] <table> <item>


  • -s - Displays the Deletion action if the variable exists, displays error if table doesn't exist, no display if the table exists but the item does not.
  • -w - Treats <table> as a wildcard and deletes all matching tables.


  • <table> - The table which contains the item you are deleting
  • <item> - the item-name associated with a value to delete. Can be a wildcard when using -w switch.


alias hdel_example {
  ;add items
  hadd -m example academic a
  hadd example academy a
  hadd example accelerate a
  hadd example accelerator a
  hadd example accept a
  hadd example access a
  hadd example accident a
  hadd example because b
  ;number of items
  echo -a $hget(example, 0).item
  ;remove everything by one
  hdel -w example a*
  ;number of items
  echo -a $hget(example, 0).item
  ;free table
  hfree example
//hfree -sw test | hadd -m1 test item1 | hadd test item* | echo -a 1st item is $hget(test,1).item | hdel -w test item* | echo  -a there are $hget(test,0).item items remaining
* Demonstrates that an item can be created and deleted containing an asterisk. If the -w switch is deleted, only 1 of the 2 items is deleted because of an exact item-name match with "item*".
//hfree -sw test | hmake -s test | hdel -s test itemname | echo -a message 1 | hfree -s test | hdel -s test itemname | echo -a message 2
* Demonstrates that deleting a non-existent item from an existing table allows the script flow to continue, but deleting an item from a non-existent table is an error halting the script flow preventing the 2nd message from displaying.


Added: mIRC v5.8
Added on: 05 Sep 2000
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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