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/debug Command - mIRC
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The /debug command outputs raw server messages to a file or a custom window Incoming messages are prefixed with <- and outgoing messages are prefixed with ->


/debug [-cinptrNoN] [color_index] [on | off | @window | filename] [identifier]


  • -c - Turns off debugging (close associated window as well)
  • -i - Call a specific $identifier and use the returned value as the debug lines
  • -n - Minimize the custom @window
  • -p - Wrap the debug lines if it is too long for the @window
  • -t - Adds timestamp to the debug lines
  • -rN - Uses the N color index as the line color for received debug lines.
  • -oN - Uses the N color index as the line color for outbound debug lines.


  • [color] - Optional text color for the debug window (Partly overridden by -rN and/or -oN) Can be color index 0-99
  • [on|off] - Turns debug on or off
  • [@window|filename] - outputs to a custom @window or a file
  • [identifier] - Calls an identifier before logging the debugged line (the returned value if used for the logging)


;Opens @raw debug window (wrap text+
//debug -p @Raw
;The line can be 'piped' through an alias on its way to the log file.
From editbox: /debug -i Log.txt $console
From script:  /debug -i Log.txt $!console
Alias console {
  ; split by spaces
  tokenize 32 $1-
  ; open window if not already opened
  if (!$window(Console)) window -e @Console
  if (<- == $1) aline -p 9 @Console >> $2-
  else aline -p 4 @Console << $2-
  ; return the line back to mIRC's log
  return $1-
: This alias opens a debug window shared by all networks. Outbound lines in red, inbound lines in green. Note the identifier is listed on command line instead of calling an alias. The yellow 8 is overridden by defining in/out colors with -rNoN. Alias uses $time to display seconds without forcing all windows to show seconds in their $timestamp too
on *:CONNECT:{ debugg }
alias debugg {
  window -ze2Dj2000k @debug
  titlebar @debug active= $+ $scid($window(@debug).cid).network logging: $addtok($gettok($window(@debug).titlebar,3-,32),$network,32)
  debug -pir44o52 8 @debug $!+([,$time,],[,$network,] $!1-)
 } ; Raccoon's altered by maroon


Added: mIRC v6.0
Added on: 03 Feb 2002
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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