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/echo Command - mIRC
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The /echo command prints text to the specified window. This command does not send anything to the server; text is only shown in the window.


/echo [colour-number] [-deghi[N]tsaqlbfnmr] [window] <text>
/echo -c[deghi[N]tsaqlbfnmr] <colour-name> [window] <text>


Target window switches[edit]

  • -s - prints to the status window
  • -a - prints to the active window
  • -d - prints to the single message window

Settings Related:[edit]

  • -r - Applies the strip settings to the text (as defined in mIRC Options / IRC / Messages).
  • -l - Applies the highlight settings to the text (as defined in mIRC Address Book / Highlight).
  • -b - Applies the windows beep settings (to beep if mIRC is not the active application) as defined in mIRC Options / Sounds and any individual window override.
  • -f - Applies the flash settings to the window (to flash the mIRC System Tray icon) as defined in mIRC Options / IRC / Options and any individual window override.

Other switches[edit]

  • -c - Indicates that the <colour-name> parameter is provided as the 1st parameter following the switch(es).
  • -e - Encloses the text with a pair of lines containing the line separator. Note: does not add a leading line if it already consists entirely of the line separator.
  • -g - Prevents the text from being logged if the window has logging on.
  • -h - Applies a hard-wrap on the text so that the wrap point does not change when the window is resized. Text is not wrapped if it is echoed to a custom listbox window.
  • -i[N] - Indents wrapped lines by [N] characters. The default mIRC indent is 2 spaces if N not used. Note: When using a proportional font, the indented width is a constant width regardless of the width of the characters echoed.
  • -t - Adds a timestamp to the text if the timestamp is enabled for that window. Without this, the line will not be timestamped even if the window has timestamping set. Note: -t shows timestamp in Custom Windows even though they do not have a timestamp setting, but only if timestamping has been enabled in mirc-options/irc/messages/"timestamp events".
  • -q - Honors the $show flag. (Displays nothing if the alias was called with the . prefix)
  • -n - Prevents switchbar button/treebar colour change
  • -m - Treats the line as an user message, colours the window button in the switchbar/treebar with the "Message" colour defined in the option alt+o>Display.


  • [colour-number] - A numeric colour value (0 to 99) Note: 99 is $colour(listbox text) instead of $colour(normal) even in #channel and Status window where background is $colour(background). If $colour(listbox text) is the same index as $colour(background), 99 tries $colour(normal) then $colour(gray) searching for a colour that doesn't match the background colour.
  • <colour-name> - When the -c switch is used, the next parameter must be one of the following: action, ctcp, highlight, info, info2, invite, join, kick, mode, nick, normal, notice, notify, other, own, part, quit, topic, wallops, whois, "listbox text", gray, listbox, "treebar text", treebar Note: Quotes are needed for items which are 2 words. Note: If colour for that name matches $colour(background) it is displayed as $colour(normal) until the colour index for background is changed. Note: If colour name not in the list of recognized names, defaults to 'normal'. Note: If you later change the colour index for a colour name, the echoed lines change to that colour.
  • [window] - The target @window/#channel/query Note: If you use /echo to send text to a custom @window which has been opened by /window -s, the line will be added at the bottom of the window rather than being inserted in the correct sort position. Note: If target is a listbox @window created using the -l switch, the output echoes to the Status Window instead.
  • <text> - The text to be printed

Note: regardless whether or not -e switch is used, echo will not create a 2nd consecutive line consisting of the line separator, unless the existing last line was created in a @window using /aline.


Example 1: Hello world[edit]

/echo -a Hello World!

Example 2: A loop prints a few lines[edit]

alias example {
  var %x = 5
  while (%x) {
    echo -a This is example line $v1 $+ .
    dec %x

The above will print:

This is example line 5.
This is example line 4.
This is example line 3.
This is example line 2.
This is example line 1.

Example 3: Timestamps[edit]

echo    #test            This line never has a timestamp
echo -t #test            This line has a timestamp only if timestamping is enabled within #test
echo    #test $timestamp This line always has a timestamp

Example 4: Colours[edit]

//echo 4 -at                abc $chr(22) def $chr(15) The timestamp and this text following the Ctrl-O revert to colour 4 (red)
//echo -act ctcp            abc $chr(22) def $chr(15) The timestamp and this text following the Ctrl-O revert to "ctcp" colour ( $+ $colour(ctcp) $+ )
//echo -at $chr(3) $+ 04 $+ abc $chr(22) def $chr(15) The timestamp and this text appear as "normal" colour ( $+ $colour(normal) $+ )

Example 5: Switchbar/treebar colours[edit]

; See mirc-options/display
; The 1st line    causes the switchbar to change to the "event" colour.
; The 2nd line -m causes the switchbar to change to the "messages" colour, overriding the default EVENT colour.
; The 3rd line -n leaves the switchbar colour unchanged.
; Note that Chanserv giving the joined nick OP level is a separate event, and mIRC will change the -m override, and that event will colour the switchbar as the EVENT colour.
on ^*:JOIN:#:{
  echo $colour(join) -t  # * $nick $+($chr(40),$gettok($fulladdress,2-,33),$chr(41)) has joined # $comchan($nick,0)
  echo $colour(join) -tm # * $nick $+($chr(40),$gettok($fulladdress,2-,33),$chr(41)) has joined # $comchan($nick,0)
  echo $colour(join) -tn # * $nick $+($chr(40),$gettok($fulladdress,2-,33),$chr(41)) has joined # $comchan($nick,0)
/echo -m @window test
/echo -m #channel test
  ;has the same effect as:
/echo @window test
/echo #channel test
/window -g1 @window
/window -g1 #channel
The echo command modifies <text> by hiding duplicate spaces and non-printable characters including $chr(9) tab.
//var %a abc $+ $chr(32) $+ $chr(32) $+ def | echo -a $len(%a) %a
returns: 8 abc def
... where the duplicate space is not displayed.
//var %a abc $chr(9) def | echo -a $len(%a) %a
returns: 9 abc  def
... where there are 2 spaces appearing next to each other because they were not consecutive prior to the non-printable tab being hidden.
All 6 letters are displayed on the same line because $crlf is non-printable:
//var %a $+(abc,$crlf,def) | echo -a %a
Echo a blank line because it contains only non-printable characters:
//echo -a $crlf


Added: mIRC v3.7
Added on: 12 Oct 1995
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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