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/dns Command - mIRC
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The /dns command resolves an address. If mIRC sees a "." in the name you specify it assumes it is an address and tries to resolve it. Otherwise it assumes it is a nickname and performs a /userhost to find the user's address and then resolves it. If you specify an IP address, it looks up the host name. You can queue multiple /dns requests, and you can view the current queue by using /dns with no parameters.


/dns [-46ch] [nick|address]


  • -4 - allows IPv4 results to be returned (enforce ipv4 for status window which are in ipv6 mode)
  • -6 - allows IPv6 results to be returned (enforce ipv6 for ipv4-only machine, note that you can't connect to it, not so useful)
  • -c - clears all currently queued DNS requests, except for the one currently in progress
  • -h - forces /dns to treat the parameter as a hostname


  • [nick|address] - the nick or address you want to look up


;using default setting for ipv6
/dns Ouims
;specifically allowing for ipv4 results
/dns -4 Ouims
;specifically allowing for ipv6 results
/dns -6 Ouims
/dns -46 Ouims
; beginning v7.58 returns all resolved IP addresses instead of only the 1st, such as for IRC network's round-robin name


Added: 3.8

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