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/reload Command - mIRC
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The /reload command reloads the specified alias/remote/popup file, you can only load one section of a popups file at a time. If reloading a remote script, the ON LOAD or ON START even within are not triggered.

Note: since mIRC v7.31, if you use the monitoring file options ( alt + r + r + o ) and a file warning dialog is opened for the file you are reloading, the dialog is automatically closed.


/reload <-a|-pscqnm|-ruvsN> <filename>


  • -a - Specify an alias file.
  • -pS - Specify a popup file, you must specify the S value which is 's' for a status window popup, 'c' for a channel popup, 'q' for query, 'n' for nicklist and 'm' for the menubar.
  • -rTN - Specify a remote/user/variable file, you must specify the T value which is 'u' for an user file, 's' for a remote (script) file and 'v' for variable, the N value is optional: if specified, reload the file into the Nth position in the script list.


  • <filename> - The filename to be reloaded.


Loads scriptfile.mrc without triggering ON START or ON LOAD events. If it's already loaded, this moves it to position 1 in the remote script list.

/reload -rs1 scriptfile.mrc


Added: mIRC v5.4
Added on: 23 Jun 1998
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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