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/run Command - mIRC
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The /run command executes the given file or object using the application associated with its file extension. It can also be used to open directories. The file parameter can be enclosed by a pair of double quotes to separate it from the argument list.


/run -pnhau <file/dir/obj> [arguments]


  • -h - hide the application in context
  • -p - changes the working path to the path of the application in context
  • -n - minimize the window upon opening
  • -a - run as administrator.
  • -u - run as administrator but does not give a prompt given that mirc is running as admin.


  • <file/dir/obj> - the object/file to execute
  • [arguments] - arguments list passed to the program


  • If $isadmin indiates mIRC itself is running in an elevated 'run as administrator' state, using /run launches that program in elevated state, even if not using the -a switch.
  • Using the -a switch causes the UAC prompt to appear only if $isadmin is $false indicating that mIRC is not running in an elevated state.
  • In Win7-32 OS, using the -a switch fails if launching a 16-bit DOS executible, even if mIRC is already running in elevated state. Workaround is to use $isadmin to verify whether the -a switch is needed.


alias example {
  ; open our site
  ; open notepad, minimized
  run -n notepad.exe


Added: mIRC v2.1a
Added on: 28 Feb 1995
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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