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/inc Command - mIRC
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The /inc command increases the numeric value of a variable by a given value. If [value] is not specified, mIRC will increase the variable by one. The /inc command works with both positive and negative values alike.


/inc [-scrzeuNk] <%var> [value]


  • -s - Prints out the value of the variable

Global variables only:

  • -c - Increases the variable by 1 every second
  • -r - Increases the variable by 1 every second (same as -c)
  • -z - Decreases the variable by 1 every second until it reaches zero at which point the variable will get unset.
  • -e - Unsets the variable when mIRC exits
  • -uN - Increases the variable once and unsets the variable after N seconds
  • -k - Keeps the unset time of the variable if it exists. Watch out, currently -k in /inc does not behave the same as in /set, as in, if you provide another -uN switch AND a -k switch, it will use this new unset time and won't preserve the original one.


  • %var - The variable's name
  • [value] - Optional numeric value to increase the variable by. Default is 1 if [value] not used


Alias Example {
  ;Create a local variable and set it to 5
  var %x 5
  ;Increase %x by 5 
  inc %x 5
  ;Print out %x's content
  echo -a %x
Note: if script or timer execution lasts longer than 1 second, -c and -z can skip increments or decrements:
//set %i 10 | inc -z %i | timertest 5 1 echo -a $!timer(test).reps $!asctime i= $eval(%i,0) $(|) var $eval(%j,0) 99999 $(|) while ( $eval(%j,0) ) $chr(123) var $eval(%k,0) $!rand(1,999) $(|) dec $eval(%j,0) $chr(125) | echo -a com: $timer(test).com | timer
//var %i 1 | inc %i 0 | echo -a this did not change i= %i | var %j $null | inc %i | echo -a this changed by 1 because [value] is null i= %i
  this did not change i= 1
  this changed by 1 because [value] is null i= 2
  this incremented by 3 i= 5
//var %i foo | inc %i | inc %i 5 | echo -a inc does not alter non-numeric values i= %i


Added: mIRC v4.0
Added on: 20 Mar 1996
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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