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$window Identifier - mIRC
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$window returns information about the specified window for the current connection or returns the name of the @window that is left inside the 'leave' menu {} event.




  • N - The Nth @custom window, if N is 0, returns the total number of windows.
  • Name - The name of query/channel/@custom window, or "status window", "channel list", etc..

Note: you can use -1 or @desktop to refer to the screen, -2 or @mirc to refer to the main mIRC window, and -3 or @mdi to refer to the mdi window where all others windows inside mIRC are displayed, these @name are reserved. You can use the .x .y .w .h .dx .dy .dw .dh properties with these parameters to get the size of these windows (or your screen's size)


  • x,y,w,h - the left, top positions, and the width and height of the window respectively
  • dx,dy - the left, top positions of the window relative to the desktop
  • cx,cy - the left, top positions of the window relative to the primary monitor
  • dw,dh - the width and height of the text display area
  • bw,bh - the width and height of the bitmap for a graphic window
  • mdi - $true if the window is mdi, otherwise returns $false
  • title - text in the titlebar of the window
  • state - returns minimized/maximized/hidden/normal
  • font - the name of the window's font
  • fontsize - the window's font size
  • fontdialogsize - returns the size of the current font in font dialog size
  • fontbold - $true if the font is bold, otherwise returns $false
  • fontitalic - $true if the font is italic, otherwise returns $false
  • fontcs - the character set of the current font
  • fullscreen - $true if the window is in fullscreen, $false otherwise
  • logfile - the path\filename of the window's logfile if one is open
  • stamp - timestamp setting, $true or $false
  • icon - returns on/off depending on whether icon is visible
  • ontop - returns ontop status for a window, $true or $false
  • type - returns window type: status,channel,custom,query,etc...
  • anysc - returns $true or $false to indicate if the /window was created using the -i switch
  • wid - returns the window id number
  • cid - returns the connection id number associated with that window. Changes based on active network if @window created using the -i switch
  • hwnd - returns the window handle number
  • sbtext - sbtext returns the switchbar button text
  • sbcolor the name of the switchbar highlight color, event/message/highlight, or $null if not colored
  • sbstate - returns switchbar button state for a window, 0=hidden 1=not hidden
  • tbtext - returns the treebar button text
  • tbstate - returns treebar button state for a window, 0=hidden 1=not hidden
  • idle - returns the number of second elapsed since someone different from you talked in a channel/query
  • lb - returns 0 if the window has no listbox, 1 if it has a listbox, or 2 if it has a side listbox
  • .utf - used to returns the utf mode of the window which could be changed via the /font setting in mIRC 6.17-6.35, 1 = default, 2 = utf8 is displayed (decoded) only, 3 = utf8 is displayed and encoded, nowadays it always seems to return 2, even if you disabled the encoding and decoding of utf8 in main mirc option


//echo -a There are $window(0) custom windows open $iif($window(1),The first custom window listed in 'window' menu is $v1)
//echo -a Custom window @test $iif($window(@test),Does,Does Not) exist.
//echo -a Channel named #test $iif($window(#test),is open on this .cid,is not open on this .cid but might be open on other .cid)
//var %i $window(0) , %list | while (%i) { var %list $window(%i).sbtext %list | dec %i } | echo -a These are the @custom windows as shown in the switchbar: %list (windows listed without @ were created using -k switch) 
//echo -a The font of the active window is: $window($active).font $window($active).fontsize $iif($window($active).fontbold,Bold) $iif($window($active).fontitalic,Italic)
//window -ea @test | titlebar @test This text appears in the titlebar | [ $iif($window(@test).type == listbox,aline,echo) ] @test The titlebar of this window shows $window(@test).title
//window -c @test | window -ekaido @test | timertest 99 1 echo @test $!timer(test).reps $!asctime The Connection id $!window(@test).cid $!scid( $!window(@test).cid ).network changes as you click between windows attached to different connections


Added: mIRC v5.0
Added on: 02 Apr 1997
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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