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* [[$script identifier - mIRC|$script]]
* [[$script identifier - mIRC|$script]]
* [[$scriptdir identifier - mIRC|$scriptdir]]
* [[$scriptdir identifier - mIRC|$scriptdir]]
* [[/load command - mIRC|/load]]
* {{mIRC|/load}}
* [[/reload command - mIRC|/reload]]
* {{mIRC|/reload}}
* [[/save command - mIRC|/save]]
* {{mIRC|/save}}
* [[/unload command - mIRC|/unload]]
* {{mIRC|/unload}}
{{mIRC command list}}
{{mIRC command list}}
[[Category:mIRC commands]]
[[Category:mIRC commands]]

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Note: This feature has essentially been replaced by /load command.

The /add command could be used to replace the currently loaded aliases, popups, commands, remote users, and events sections from the specified ini file. The ini file must be formatted the same way /save formats them.


/add [-apuce] <file.ini>


  • -a - Load the aliases
  • -p - Load the popups
  • -u - Load the remote users
  • -c - Load the commands
  • -e - Load the events


  • <file.ini> - The initializations file to load the appropriate section from.


/add -a helpfulCmds.ini

Will output:

*** Added: Commands from c:mirchelpfulCmds.ini


Added: mIRC v3.3, v3.4

Added On: 21/06/1995

Removed: mIRC v3.8

Removed On:25/11/1995

Note: Individual switches were not taken into consideration.

See also

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