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* {{intel|CNVi}}
* {{intel|Frequency Behavior}}
* {{intel|Process-Architecture-Optimization}} (PAO)
* {{intel|Process Technology}}
* {{intel|Tick-Tock}}
* {{intel|Tick-Tock}}
* {{intel|Process-Architecture-Optimization}} (PAO)
* {{intel|Turbo Boost Technology}} (TBT)
* {{intel|Turbo Boost Technology}} (TBT)
* {{intel|Process Technology}}
* {{intel|frequency behavior}}

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Type Public
Founded July 18, 1968
Mountain View, California
Founder Gordon Moore
Robert Noyce
Andrew Grove
Headquarters Santa Clara, California
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Intel Corporation is an American semiconductor company. While most notably known for their development of microprocessors and x86, Intel also designs and manufactures other integrated circuits including flash memory, network interface controllers, GPUs, chipsets, motherboards, and computers.

In addition to x86, Intel used to also design and manufacture ARM-based chips as well as embed ARC-based cores in their products. While they no longer sell such chips, they still use ARM processors in various products (e.g. in their FPGAs) as well as still retain full a architectural level ARM license allowing them to design and sell their own ARM devices should they wish to.

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