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Gen1 µarch
General Info
Arch TypeGPU
DesignerIntel, Chips and Technologies, Real3D

Gen1 (Generation 1 retroactively name; Project Auburn) is the microarchitecture for Intel's graphics processing unit originally utilized by the i740 and i752 and later in the 810/815 series chipsets (Whitney). This architecture was developed from a partnership between Chips and Technologies (an acquisition of Intel) and Real3D (Spun off by Lockheed Martin, partially owned by Intel later on) combining C&T's expertise in 2D and Real3D's expertise in 3D.

codenameGen1 +
designerIntel +, Chips and Technologies + and Real3D +
first launched1998 +
full page nameintel/microarchitectures/gen1 +
instance ofmicroarchitecture +
manufacturerIntel +
microarchitecture typeGPU +
nameGen1 +