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MCS-80 - Intel
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Intel MCS-80
KL Intel i8080 Black Background.jpg
8080, the CPU of the MCS-80 system
Developer Intel
Manufacturer Intel
Type microprocessors
Production 1974
Release date April, 1974
Architecture 8-bit word, 16-bit addressing
ISA 8080
Word size 8 bit
1 octets
2 nibbles
Process 6 μm
6,000 nm
0.006 mm
Technology nMOS
Clock 500 kHz-2.08 MHz
Package DIP40
MCS-8 MCS-85

The MCS-80 (Micro Computer Set-80) was a family of 8-bit microprocessor chipsets developed by Intel. Introduced on April, 1974, the MCS-80 featured the 8080 CPU, the forefather of all modern x86-based microprocessors.


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The original 8080 had an issue that prevented it from working with external TTL components as intended. This was fixed with the introduction of the "A" versions.

Part Frequency Description
8080 500 kHz - 2.08 MHz MPU, Original, has compatibility issues with TTL
8080A-1 500 kHz - 3.12 MHz MPU
8080A-2 500 kHz - 2.63 MHz MPU
8224 clock generator & driver
8801 clock generator crystal
8228 system controller & bus driver
8238 system controller & bus driver
8257 Programmable DMA Controller
8259 Programmable Interrupt Controller
8279 Programmable Keyboard/Display Controller
8271 Programmable Floppy Disk Controller
8222 Dynamic RAM Refresh Controller
8205 1 Of 8 Binary Decoder
8210 TTL To MOS Shifter & High Voltage Clock Driver
8212 8 Bit I/O Port
8214 Priority Interrupt Control Unit
8216 4 Bit Parallel Bidirectional Bus Driver
8251A Improved Programmable Communication Interface
8253 Programmable Interval Timer
8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface
8255A Improved Programmable Peripheral Interface

Military Specs[edit]

The following are military specs versions.

Part Frequency Description
M8080A 500 kHz - 2.08 MHz MPU
M8224 clock generator & driver
M8228 system controller & bus driver
M8238 system controller & bus driver


Additional memory components that was used with the MCS-80

Part Size Description
8708 1024x8 bit EPROM
2716 2048x8 bit EPROM (pin compatible with 2316E ROM)
8308 1024x8 bit MOS ROM (pin compatible with 8708 PROM)
8316A 2048x8 bit MOS RAM
2316E 2048x8 bit ROM
2114 1024x4 bit SRAM
2116 16384x1 bit DRAM


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Lead designers for the MCS-80 are:

  • Federico Faggin
  • Masatoshi Shima
  • Stan Mazor


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