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Hello and welcome to WikiChip!

I'm David and I run & maintain WikiChip. If you have any specific questions for me, please use my talk page. For general wikichip discussions, please use the WikiChip:general discussion page.

I'm a computer engineer. My expertise include semiconductor logic, microprocessor microarchitecture development, logic design, low-level and high-level software optimization, and parallelism. I'm also a chip collector!

You can find me on twitter too.


Before starting WikiChip, information about chips (specifically older chips) was sparse, confusing, and incomplete. And if you did find info about some old chip, it was usually some very basic specs. I wanted more! I wanted a place where you could look up a chip and get all the info you wanted. And if you wanted to feed your curiosity further, you'd be able to look up further info about the designer or manufacturer, manufacturing process, and the underlying microarchitecture. That's exactly why I started WikiChip. I started WikiChip as a platform to document all those less common or downright unknown technologies (computers, chips, etc..) as well as to thoroughly and accurately document vintage as well as modern computer systems and chip models; then go a step further and document their fab process and their architectures.


You can contact me at Equation david left-bracket at right-bracket wikichip period org