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Cortex is a family of specialized ARM microarchitectures designed by Arm for various edge market such as embedded and mobile. The Cortex family succeed Arm's classic cores with more specialized cores with highly targeted requirements


Cortex is a family of ARM cores that address a broad set of markets. First announced in 2004, Cortex cores have replaced Arm's classic cores with more market-specific variations. Cortex can be broadly categorized into three types of workloads: Applications, Real-time, Microcontroller (A.R.M).

  • Cortex-A - Application processors. Designed for fully capable computers, running typical operating systems (Android, Windows, Linux, iOS). Those processors are found in anything from smartphones to tablets and laptops.
  • Cortex-X - Application processors. Slightly enhanced version of the Cortex-A designs in order to to further optimize the Cortex-A design (in terms of PPA) for certain markets or workloads/
  • Cortex-R - Real-time processors. Designed for real-time operating systems with very deterministic behavior. Those cores are typically less powerful than the A series and are used for things such as controllers, factory equipment, medical devices, and other machines.
  • Cortex-M - Microcontrollers. Designed for ultra-low power, typically small factor and low-performance systems. Those are found in cost-sensitive devices and electronics, automated systems, and many other embedded devices.



Year Low-power Performance
2005 Cortex-A8
2007 Cortex-A9
Ultra-low power High-efficiency Mainstream-performance High-performance
2009 Cortex-A5
2010 Cortex-A15
2011 Cortex-A7
2012 Cortex-A53 Cortex-A57
2013 Cortex-A12
2014 Cortex-A17
2015 Cortex-A35 Cortex-A72
2016 Cortex-A32 Cortex-A73
2017 Cortex-A55 Cortex-A75
2018 Cortex-A76
2019 Cortex-A77
2020 Cortex-A78
2021 Cortex-A510 Cortex-A710
2022 Cortex-A715
2023 Hayes Hunter
2024 Chaberton


Year Core
2020 Cortex-X1
2021 Cortex-X2
2022 Cortex-X3
2023 Hunter-ELP
2024 Chaberton-ELP


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