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Socket S1g3 - AMD
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Socket S1g3
General Info
IntroductionSeptember 10, 2009 (launched)
TypeOrganic Micro Pin Grid Array
Dimension35.0 mm × 35.0 mm
Pitch1.27 mm
NameSocket S1g3

Socket S1g3 was the third socket for OPGA-638-packaged AMD mobile microprocessors with an integrated DDR2 memory controller, and the successor to Socket S1g2. Its counterpart for desktop processors is Socket AM2+, for servers Socket C32 and Socket G34. For the small form factor desktop, ultrathin mobile and embedded market AMD developed package ASB2. Socket S1g3 was superseded by Socket S1g4.

Socket S1g3 was used in AMD's "Tigris" mobile platform. All processors for Socket S1g3, codename "Caspian", are members of AMD's Family 10h with CPU cores based on the K10 microarchitecture.

All revisions of Socket S1 have the same dimensions, however processors for Socket S1g3 appear to be electrically incompatible with Socket S1g1. Socket S1g3 and S1g2 have the same pinout, if processors for these sockets are exchangeable is unclear. Socket S1g3 processors will not work in Socket S1g4 systems, which use DDR3 memory, but S1g4 processors which support both DDR2 and DDR3 memory may be compatible with Socket S1g3 if the BIOS recognizes the CPU.


  • 638-pin lidless micro pin grid array package, 1.27 mm pitch, 26 × 26 pins, 35 × 35 mm, organic substrate, C4 (flip chip) die attachment
  • 16 bit HyperTransport 3.0 interface up to 1800 MHz, 3600 MT/s, 7.2 GB/s in each direction
  • 2 × 64 bit DDR2 SDRAM interface up to 400 MHz, PC2-6400 (DDR2-800), 12.8 GB/s
    • Up to 2 SODIMMs, no ECC support
    • JEDEC SSTL_1.8
  • Power Management
    • AMD PowerNow! technology
    • ACPI C1, C1E, C2, C3, C5/Altvid, S1, S3, S4, S5
    • Separate core and northbridge power planes
    • Two northbrige P-states


  • AMD 880M
  • AMD SB820 southbridge

Processors using Socket S1g3[edit]

  • AMD Turion II Ultra Dual-Core Mobile
  • AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile
  • AMD Athlon II Dual-Core Mobile
  • AMD Sempron Mobile
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Package Diagram[edit]

No data available. Dimensions should be similar to those of the OPGA-638 package shown on the Socket S1g1 page.

Socket Outline[edit]

Socket S1 diag.svg

Socket S1 limits as specified in AMD Publ. #31839. Depicted is Foxconn Interconnect Technology Part No. PZ6382A-284S-01F. All dimensions in millimeters.

Pin Map[edit]

Socket S1g2 pinmap.svg

Socket S1g3 has the same pinout as Socket S1g2. See there for pin descriptions. Differences to other Socket S1 revisions are documented on the Socket S1g4 page.


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designerAMD +
first launchedSeptember 10, 2009 +
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tdp35 W (35,000 mW, 0.0469 hp, 0.035 kW) +