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Package ASB1 - AMD
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General Info
IntroductionJanuary 8, 2009 (launched)
TypeOrganic Micro Ball Grid Array
Dimension27 mm × 27 mm
Pitch0.8-1.6 mm

ASB1 was a BGA-812 package for low power AMD mobile microprocessors with an integrated DDR2 memory controller targeting the small form factor desktop, mobile and embedded market. Its counterparts for the mainstream mobile and desktop markets are Socket S1 and Socket AM2. ASB1 was superseded by the ASB2 package.

Package ASB1 was used in AMD's first and second platform for ultrathin notebooks codenamed "Yukon" and "Congo". All ASB1 processors belong to AMD's NPT Family 0Fh, use the K8 microarchitecture, and were manufactured in a 65 nm SOI process.


  • 812-pin lidless micro ball grid array package, 0.8-1.6 mm multi-pitch, 33 × 33 pins, 27 × 27 mm, organic substrate
  • 16 bit HyperTransport 1.0 interface up to 800 MHz, 1600 MT/s, 3.2 Gbyte/s in each direction
  • 128/144 bit DDR2 SDRAM interface up to 333 MHz, PC-5300 (DDR2-667), 10.7 Gbyte/s
    • Up to 2 SODIMMs, SEC-DED ECC, JEDEC SSTL_1.8
  • P-States, ACPI C1, C1E, C2, C3, S3, S5
  • Thermal diode, overtemperature protection


  • AMD RS780M

Processors using package ASB1[edit]

  • AMD Turion Neo X2 codename "Conesus"
  • AMD Athlon Neo X2 "Conesus"
  • AMD Athlon Neo "Huron"
  • AMD Sempron "Huron"
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Package Diagram[edit]

BGA-812 ASB1 diag.svg

No data available. Approximate dimensions of the Athlon Neo "Huron" package. All dimensions in millimeters.

BGA-812 pn.svg

BGA-812 package pin (ball) numbering.

Pin Map[edit]

BGA-812 ASB1 pinmap.svg


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  • "Revision Guide for AMD NPT Family 0Fh Processors", AMD Publ. #33610, Rev. 3.48, December 2011
  • 2nd Gen AMD Ultrathin Platform,, archived February 2010

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