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Socket S1g1 - AMD
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Socket S1g1
General Info
IntroductionMay 17, 2006 (launched)
TypeOrganic Micro Pin Grid Array
Dimension35.0 mm × 35.0 mm
Pitch1.27 mm
NameSocket S1g1

Socket S1, specifically S1g1, the first of four revisions, was a low-profile ZIF socket for OPGA-638-packaged AMD mobile microprocessors with an integrated DDR2 memory controller, and the successor to Socket 754 in the mobile segment. Its counterparts are Socket AM2 for desktop processors and Socket F for servers and workstations. For the small form factor desktop, ultrathin mobile, and embedded market AMD developed package ASB1. Socket S1g1 was superseded by Socket S1g2.

Socket S1g1 was used in AMD's second and third mobile platform "Kite" (2006) and "Kite Refresh" (2007). All processors for Socket S1g1 are members of AMD's Family 0Fh with CPU cores based on the K8 microarchitecture.

All revisions of Socket S1 have the same dimensions, however processors for Socket S1g1 appear to be electrically incompatible with all later revisions of this socket.


  • 638-pin lidless micro pin grid array package, 1.27 mm pitch, 26 × 26 pins, 35 × 35 mm, organic substrate, C4 (flip chip) die attachment
  • 16 bit HyperTransport 1.0 interface up to 800 MHz, 1600 MT/s, 3.2 GB/s in each direction
  • 128 bit DDR2 SDRAM interface up to 400 MHz, PC2-6400 (DDR2-800), 12.8 GB/s
    • Up to 2 unbuffered SO-DIMMs, no ECC support
    • JEDEC SSTL_1.8
  • P-States, multiple ACPI compliant low-power states including C1E with AltVID, AMD PowerNow! technology


  • AMD M690, M690V, M690E, M690T
  • AMD SB600 southbridge
  • Mvidia GeForce 7000M, 7150M, southbridge integrated

Processors using Socket S1g1[edit]

  • "Kite" platform:
  • "Kite Refresh" platform:
    • AMD Turion 64 X2 "Tyler"
    • AMD Athlon 64 X2 "Tyler"
    • AMD Athlon, AMD Athlon 64
    • AMD Sempron Dual Core
    • AMD Sempron "Sherman"
 List of all Socket S1g1-based Processors
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Package Diagram[edit]

OPGA-638 S1g1 29249 diag.svg

OPGA-638 package dimensions as specified in AMD Publ. #31839. This is part no. 29249 with the chip used for Turion 64 "Richmond" and Sempron "Keene" processors. All dimensions in millimeters.

Socket Outline[edit]

Socket S1 diag.svg

Socket S1 limits as specified in AMD Publ. #31839. Depicted is Foxconn Interconnect Technology Part No. PZ6382A-284S-01F. All dimensions in millimeters.

Pin Map[edit]

Socket S1g1 pinmap.svg

For differences to other Socket S1 revisions see Socket S1g4.

Pin Description[edit]

Signal Description
CLKIN_H/L 200 MHz Differential PLL Reference Clock
CPU_PRESENT_L Processor is present, shorted to VSS on the package
DBREQ_L, DBRDY Debug Request/Ready
HTREF0, HTREF1 HyperTransport Compensation Resistor to VSS, VLDT
L0_CADIN/OUT_H/L[15:0] HT Link 0 Differential Command/Address/Data Input/Output
L0_CLKIN/OUT_H/L[1:0] HT Link 0 Differential Clock Input/Output
L0_CTLIN_H/L[1:0] HT Link 0 Differential Control Input/Output
LDTSTOP_L HT Stop Control Input for power management and link width and frequency change
MA0/MB0_CLK_H/L[2:1] DRAM Differential Clock
MA0/MB0_CS_L[3:0] DRAM Chip Select
MA0/MB0_ODT[1:0] DRAM Enable Pin for On Die Termination
MA/MB_ADD[15:0] DRAM Column/Row Address
MA/MB_BANK[2:0] DRAM Bank Address
MA/MB_CAS_L DRAM Column Address Strobe
MA/MB_CKE[1:0] DRAM Clock Enable
MA/MB_DATA[63:0] DRAM Data Bus
MA/MB_DM[7:0] DRAM Data Mask
MA/MB_DQS_H/L[7:0] DRAM Differential Data Strobe
MA/MB_RAS_L DRAM Row Address Strobe
MA/MB_WE_L DRAM Write Enable
MEMVREF DRAM Interface Voltage Reference
MEMZP, MEMZN Compensation Resistor to VSS, VDDIO
PROCHOT_L Processor in HTC-active state input/output
PSI_L Power Status Indicator (low power state) for VDD regulator
PWROK Voltages and CLKIN have reached specified operation
RESET_L Processor Reset
RSVD Reserved
SIC, SID Sideband Temperature Sensor Interface Clock, Data
TEST* Test signal
THERMDA, THERMDC Thermal Diode Anode, Cathode
THERMTRIP_L Thermal Sensor Trip output
VDD Core power supply
VDD_FB_H/L Differential feedback to VDD regulator
VDDA Filtered PLL supply voltage
VDDIO DRAM I/O ring power supply
VDDIO_FB_H/L Differential feedback to VDDIO regulator
VID[5:0] Voltage ID for VDD regulator
VLDT_A/B HyperTransport I/O ring power supply
VSS Ground
VTT DRAM Termination voltage
VTT_SENSE VTT monitor pin


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