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The Neoverse platform is a brand used by Arm to describe the infrastructure side of their business. In other words, the Neoverse incorporates the technologies of the Arm ecosystem that spans from the edge to the cloud.


Drew Henry Neoverse announcement at Arm TechCon 2018.

Arm introduced the 'Neoverse' at Arm TechCon 2018. It's a general term that may be used by both Arm and their partners who work on the Arm ecosystem as it pertains to infrastructure (e.g., routers, switching, servers). The term covers everything from the edge to the cloud and is not part of the client ecosystem which is covered by the Cortex brand.


Neoverse Roadmap.

As part of the Neoverse, Arm is releasing specific microarchitectures with higher performance and power targets for the server markets.

Older platforms
2015 Cosmos
High-throughput High-performance
2019 Neoverse E1 Neoverse N1
2020 Zeus
2021 Poseidon

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