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The on start event triggers either when mIRC is started, or a script file is loaded, either through the scripts editor, or via the /load command. Only one on start event is allowed per script file.


on <level>:START:<commands>


The access level required for the event to trigger.
The commands to be performed when the event is triggered.


Add a pre-typed command to connect to certain networks upon pressing enter to the editbox:

on *:START:{
  var %c $chr(124) server -m
  editbox -a //server %c %c

Create a hash table named ircpoints and load data from a file named ircpoints.hsh into the table if the file exists:

on *:START:{
  if (!$hget(ircpoints)) { hmake ircpoints }
  if ($file(ircpoints.hsh).longfn) { hload ircpoints $v1 }


Added: v2.1a

Added on: 28/02/95

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