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The ON KICK event is triggered when the local mIRC client, or remote users, are kicked from a channel.

This event fills the $chan, $knick, and $nick identifiers.

Identifier Description
$chan Channel where the event took place
$knick The kicked user's name
$nick The name of the person who kicked the user


ON <level>:KICK:<#[,#]>:<commands>


<level>The level for the event to trigger.

<#[,#]>The channel, or channels, for the event to listen for. Can also be a wildcard.

Target Description
# Channel where the event took place
[,#] Specific channel names

<commands>The commands to be performed when the event listener's criteria is met.


If local mIRC client is kicked, automatically rejoin the channel:

ON ME:*:KICK:#:join #

Send a notice to a kicked user with information about the kick:

ON *:KICK:#: {
  .notice $knick You were kicked from $chan by $nick for the following reason: $iif($1-,$1-,No reason given)

The following is an example of the above code:

You were kicked from #BreakingBad by WalterWhite for the following reason: Stop mass-highlighting!


Created: mIRC v2.1a

Created On: 28/02/95

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