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The on notice event is triggered when mIRC receives a notice from a client on the server.


on <level>:NOTICE:<matchtext>:<target>:<commands>


The access level required for the event to trigger.
The text that must be matched for the event to trigger.
The target(s) of the notice that the event listens on. This can either be a *, or any combination of named channels, channel prefixes, ?, or a nickname that you are currently using - all separated by commas.
The commands to be performed when the event is triggered.


Give a person "500 points" for sending a secret command:

on *:NOTICE:thesecretcommand:?:{
  .notice $nick Congratulations! You have entered the secret command!
  .notice $nick Please accept these free 500 points...
  hinc -m $+(points.,$network) $wildsite 500

Op or deop a user with an access level of 5 on the channel they specify:

on 5:NOTICE:*op #*:?:{
  if ($istok(op dop,$1,32)) {
    if ($me !ison $2) { .notice $nick I am not on that channel. }
    elseif ($me !isop $2) { .notice $nick I am not opped in that channel. } 
    else mode $2 $iif($1 == op,+o,-o) $nick

Automatically identify to most NickServ services if your current nickname is TheUsualNick:

on *:NOTICE:This nickname is registered*:TheUsualNick:{
  if ($nick == NickServ) { ns identify M`/p@SsW0r|) }


Added: v2.1a

Added on: 28/02/95

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