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myriad 3D logo.png
Myriad 3D logo
Developer Movidius
Manufacturer TSMC
Type Neural Processors
Introduction 2010 (announced)
Architecture VLIW
µarch SHAVE v2.0, SHAVE v3.0
Process 65 nm
0.065 μm
6.5e-5 mm
, 28 nm
0.028 μm
2.8e-5 mm
, 16 nm
0.016 μm
1.6e-5 mm
Technology CMOS

Myriad (also Myriad 3D Platform) is a family of ultra-low power hardware accelerators designed by Movidius specifically designed to accelerate vision processing.


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Myriad 1[edit]

See also: SHAVE v2.0 Microarchitecture
Myriad 1 Evaluation Board

The Myriad 1 (MA11xx) family of vision accelerators was introduced in 2009 and have undergone a number of enhancements along the way, each released under a new model and building on its predecessors. The Myriad 1 family is largely based on the SABRE test chip they've developed the prior year. All the models have the same basic features:

Models: (most of the differences are in the video capabilities of the chip)

  • MA1100, advanced real-time video editing accelerator for smartphones
    • MA1101, Added Android-OS support to the MS1100
      • MA1102, Added high-quality image/audio effects, Dolby, DTS
  • MA1110, added support for 720p 30fps video recording and playback, real-time video editing, inline video, and 12-megapixel captures
  • MA1133, video streams accelerator for auto-stereoscopic screens for smartphones
  • MA1135, specifically for 3D converter box applications

Myriad 2[edit]

See also: SHAVE v3.0 Microarchitecture

This family first came to the public spotlight when they became the workhorse chips behind Google's Project Tango.

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first announced2010 +
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technologyCMOS +