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Type Subsidiary
Founded October, 2005
Dublin, Ireland
Founder David Moloney
Sean Mitchell
Fate Acquired by Intel
Headquarters San Mateo, CA

Movidius (formerly Movidia) is a fabless semiconductor company that specializes in computer vision and an neural processors. Movidius is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel after being acquired in September 2016.


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Founded in 2005 in Dublin Ireland, the company was originally named Movidia. They initially started out developing a gaming accelerator chip for mobile applications. Following feedback from manufacturers, the company re-positioned itself as a video and image processing designer. Following series A round of funding in 2008, the company was renamed Movidius, presumably to avoid confusion with Nvidia, a large GPU designer.

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Facts about "Movidius"
company typesubsidiary +
fateAcquired by Intel +
foundedOctober 2005 +
founded locationDublin, Ireland +
founderDavid Moloney + and Sean Mitchell +
full page namemovidius +
headquartersSan Mateo, CA +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameMovidius +
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