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Hexa-Core (6 cores)

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A hexa-core microprocessor refers to an integrated circuit that implements six independent physical execution units (referred to as cores) on a single die.

Hexa-core models[edit]

List of Hexa-Core Processors (25 most recent)
i5-8650IntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
PRO 1600AMDRyzen 5ZenSummit Ridge3.2 GHz
3,200 MHz
3,200,000 kHz
E-2276GIntelXeon ECoffee LakeCoffee Lake ER20193.8 GHz
3,800 MHz
3,800,000 kHz
i5-9500IntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake R3 GHz
3,000 MHz
3,000,000 kHz
i5-8650KIntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
E-2286GIntelXeon ECoffee LakeCoffee Lake ER20194 GHz
4,000 MHz
4,000,000 kHz
i5-9600IntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake R3.1 GHz
3,100 MHz
3,100,000 kHz
i7-8670IntelCore i7Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
E-2226GIntelXeon ECoffee LakeCoffee Lake ER20193.4 GHz
3,400 MHz
3,400,000 kHz
W-2135IntelXeon WSkylake (server)Skylake W29 August 20173.7 GHz
3,700 MHz
3,700,000 kHz
1600AMDRyzen 5ZenSummit Ridge11 April 20173.2 GHz
3,200 MHz
3,200,000 kHz
i7-8670TIntelCore i7Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
E-2236IntelXeon ECoffee LakeCoffee Lake ER20193.4 GHz
3,400 MHz
3,400,000 kHz
i5-8420IntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
2600XAMDRyzen 5Zen+Pinnacle Ridge19 April 20183.6 GHz
3,600 MHz
3,600,000 kHz
i5-8550IntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
W-2133IntelXeon WSkylake (server)Skylake W29 August 20173.6 GHz
3,600 MHz
3,600,000 kHz
2600AMDRyzen 5Zen+Pinnacle Ridge19 April 20183.4 GHz
3,400 MHz
3,400,000 kHz
E-2246GIntelXeon ECoffee LakeCoffee Lake ER20193.6 GHz
3,600 MHz
3,600,000 kHz
i5-8420TIntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
i5-9400TIntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake R1.8 GHz
1,800 MHz
1,800,000 kHz
D-1637IntelXeon DBroadwellHewitt Lake2 April 20192.9 GHz
2,900 MHz
2,900,000 kHz
3204IntelXeon BronzeCascade LakeCascade Lake SP2 April 20191.9 GHz
1,900 MHz
1,900,000 kHz
D-1633NIntelXeon DBroadwellHewitt Lake2 April 20192.5 GHz
2,500 MHz
2,500,000 kHz
i5-9400FIntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake R7 January 20192.9 GHz
2,900 MHz
2,900,000 kHz
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