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Socket C32 - AMD
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Socket C32
General Info
IntroductionJune 23, 2010 (launched)
MicroarchitectureK10, Bulldozer, Piledriver
TypeOrganic Flip-Chip Land Grid Array
Dimension40.0 mm × 40.0 mm
Pitch1.10 mm
NameSocket C32

Socket C32 was the socket for LGA-1207-packaged AMD Opteron 4000 Series microprocessors in servers optimized for energy efficiency and cost. Like the prior generation Socket F it supports two memory channels and three HyperTransport links, but was designed for DDR3 memory instead of DDR2. Socket C32 has a larger sibling Socket G34 for high performance systems with four memory channels and two additional 8-bit HT links. Uniprocessor Opterons with DDR3 memory controllers were released in packages for Socket AM3 and AM3+ which support two memory channels and a single HT link. Socket C32 was superseded by Socket SP3.

Each of the HyperTransport links can be used for I/O or, using an AMD proprietary protocol, cache coherent inter-socket traffic on multiprocessor systems. The 16-bit links can be unganged into two independent 8-bit links for instance to fully interconnect four sockets with links remaining for I/O. Most designs use only two links to achieve lower TDP.

Socket C32 has the same dimensions as Socket F, however the LGA-1207 packages for these sockets are mechanically, due to keying notches in different positions, and presumably electrically, incompatible with the other socket.

Socket C32 was used in AMD's 1- and 2-socket "San Marino" and "Adelaide" reference platforms. The processors for this socket are members of AMD's Family 10h with CPU cores based on the K10 microarchitecture, and Family 15h featuring the Bulldozer and Piledriver microarchitectures. They were fabricated on 45 nm and 32 nm processes.


  • 1207-land lidded land grid array package, 40 × 40 mm, 35 × 35 land array, 1.1 mm pitch, organic substrate, C4 (flip chip) die attachment
  • 2 × 64/72 bit DDR3 SDRAM interface up to 800 MHz, PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600), 25.6 GB/s
    • Up to 6 SR/DR/QR RDIMMs, 6 SR/DR LRDIMMs (Fam. 15h), or 4 SR/DR UDIMMs
    • JEDEC 1.5V, 1.35V, 1.25V (Fam. 15h)
    • SEC-DED ECC support
    • AMD Memory Controller PowerCap (Fam. 15h)
    • On-line spare feature provides single-rank DRAM redundancy
  • 3 × 16 bit HyperTransport 1.0/3.0 interface up to 3200 MHz, 6400 MT/s, 12.8 GB/s in each direction
    • HT Assist Technology (probe filter)
    • Link Speed PowerCap (Fam. 15h)
    • Link Width PowerCap (Fam. 15h)
  • Managemement Features
    • Advanced Platform Management Link (APML)
    • SMBus v2.0-compatible interface
    • Remote-Management Interface (SB-RMI)
  • Power Management
    • Multiple low-power states
    • Independent Dynamic Core Technology (Fam. 10h)
    • AMD CoolCore Technology (Fam. 10h)
    • Dual Dynamic Power Management (Fam. 10h)
    • Advanced Power Management (Fam. 15h)
    • AMD Turbo CORE technology with per core power gating (Fam. 15h)
    • CPU PowerCap (Fam. 15h)
    • Effective frequency interface (Fam. 15h)
    • ACPI-compliant
      • Supported power states Fam. 10h: C0, C1, C1E, S0, S1, S3, S4, S5
      • Supported power states Fam. 15h: C0, C1, C1E, C6, CC6, S0, S3, S4, S5
    • Hardware thermal control


  • AMD SR5690, SR5670, SR5650
  • AMD SP5100 southbridge

Processors using Socket C32[edit]

  • Opteron 4100 "Lisbon"
  • Opteron 4200 "Valencia"
  • Opteron 4300 "Seoul"
  • Embedded Opteron Processor (same silicon as "Lisbon" rev. D1)
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Package Diagram[edit]

LGA-1207 C32 diag.svg

LGA-1207 Socket C32 package. All dimensions in millimeters.

Socket Diagram[edit]

Socket C32 FIT diag.svg

Dimensions of Foxconn Socket C32, Part No. PE12072B-3742-01F. All dimensions in millimeters.

Socket F PCB layout.svg

Socket C32 PCB layout with maximum socket outline specified in AMD Publ. #31700 for Socket F which has the same size as Socket C32. All dimensions in millimeters.

Pin Map[edit]

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