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zhaoxin logo.png
Founded April, 2013
Founder VIA Technologies
Shanghai Alliance Investment
Headquarters Zhangjiang, Shanghai, China

Zhaoxin (Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor Co., Ltd., also goes by VIA Alliance Semiconductor Co., Ltd.) is Chinese fabless semiconductor company jointly owned by VIA Technologies and the Shanghai Municipal Government. The name "Zhaoxin" is the romanisation of the Chinese name 兆芯 Zhàoxīn, which actually translate to "TrillionCore" or perhaps more appropriately "MegaCore". Being a partial join venture of VIA Technologies, Zhaoxin x86 ISA license is most likely covered by VIA as part of their cross-license agreement for x86 with Intel.

Zhaoxin was founded in April of 2013 through a joint collaboration between Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd. (a venture capital firm of the Shanghai Municipal Government) and VIA Technologies. The joint venture started with a $250 million investment with the 80.1% ($200M) from the Shanghai Alliance and 19.9% ($49.75M) from VIA. It's unclear how much access Zhaoxin has to Centaur Technology's design team along with VIA's patent portfolio and intellectual property, but it does appear Zhaoxin has at least access to Centaur Technology CN x86 microarchitecture as a starting point.

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