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Type Private
Founded 2016

THATIC (Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment, Co., Ltd) is a Chinese holding company partially owned by a number of orginizations including Sugon with the strong support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, possibly backed through various governmental programs (e.g., 863 Program). THATIC comprise two separate joint ventures with AMD, Chengdu Haiguang Microelectronics Technology and Chengdu Haiguang Integrated Circuit Design.


Founded in 2016, THATIC is a Chinese holding company designed to deliver customized x86-based solutions for the Chinese market. Two separate joint ventures were formed in the process:

Because x86 cross-licensing agreements are a very complicated subject, the two JVs are separate for very important reasons. Haiguang Microelectronics, majority owned by AMD, licenses x86 and x86-based IP from AMD (i.e., "mainly itself") and is responsible for the production of the chips. Haiguang Microelectronics has access to x86 and AMD's architectures (most importantly, Zen). Note that since they are majority-owned by AMD, no actual transfer of licenses occurs. Haiguang IC Design, majority owned by THATIC, and is responsible for the design and sales. Haiguang IC Design effectively licenses the IP from Haiguang Microelectronics for chip design and then Haiguang Microelectronics ends up producing the final chips by using a suiting foundry (e.g., TSMC). The final dies go back to Haiguang IC Design for packaging and sale. The final chip bears "Haiguang IC Design" (HyGon) name.

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