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The ON Chat event, much like the ON Serv event, is triggered when a message is sent via a dcc chat window.


ON <level>:CHAT:<matchtext>:<commands>


  • <level> - The corresponding access levels for the event to trigger.
  • <matchtext> - The corresponding matchtext for the event to trigger.
  • <commands> - The commands to be performed when the event listener's criteria is met.

Local identifiers[edit]

You can use =$nick to refer to the dcc chat window, rather than a query window.


; This event waits for any user on a DCC Chat to use the
; command !time and then relays back to them the current time
ON *:CHAT:!time:msg =$nick The current time is: $time(hh:nntt)

In the above example, the message is sent to the dcc chat window


Added: mIRC v3.8
Added on: 25 Nov 1995
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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