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The ON ACTIVE event monitors when a certain window, or window type, is activated or has had its active status changed.


ON <level>:ACTIVE:<*#?=!@>:<commands>


  • <level> - The corresponding access levels for the event to trigger.
  • <*><?><#[,#]> - The place, or places where the event listens, you can specify specific name of window, seperate them by comma.
    • * - Any query/channel window
    • ? - Any query windows
    • # - Any channel window
    • = - Any DCC chat
    • ! - Any DCC server
    • @ - Any custom window
  • <commands> - The commands to be performed when the event triggers


; Listen for any window becoming active,
; then display information about that window and the previous active window
ON *:ACTIVE:*:echo -a * $active is now active, took over for $lactive


Added: mIRC v5.9
Added on: 26 Apr 2001
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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