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Hexa-Core (6 cores)
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A hexa-core microprocessor refers to an integrated circuit that implements six independent physical execution units (referred to as cores) on a single die.

00== Hexa-core models ==

List of Hexa-Core Processors (25 most recent)
i5-8650IntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
PRO 1600AMDRyzen 5ZenSummit Ridge3.2 GHz
3,200 MHz
3,200,000 kHz
i5-8650KIntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
i7-8670IntelCore i7Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
W-2135IntelXeon WSkylake (server)Skylake W29 August 20173.7 GHz
3,700 MHz
3,700,000 kHz
1600AMDRyzen 5ZenSummit Ridge11 April 20173.2 GHz
3,200 MHz
3,200,000 kHz
i7-8670TIntelCore i7Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
i5-8420IntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
2600XAMDRyzen 5Zen+Pinnacle Ridge19 April 20183.6 GHz
3,600 MHz
3,600,000 kHz
3500XAMDRyzen 5Zen 2Matisse3.6 GHz
3,600 MHz
3,600,000 kHz
i5-8550IntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
2600AMDRyzen 5Zen+Pinnacle Ridge19 April 20183.4 GHz
3,400 MHz
3,400,000 kHz
i5-8420TIntelCore i5Coffee LakeCoffee Lake S
4600UAMDRyzen 5Zen 2Renoir6 January 20202.1 GHz
2,100 MHz
2,100,000 kHz
4500UAMDRyzen 5Zen 2Renoir6 January 20202.3 GHz
2,300 MHz
2,300,000 kHz
4600HAMDRyzen 5Zen 2Renoir6 January 20203 GHz
3,000 MHz
3,000,000 kHz
PRO 3600AMDRyzen 5Zen 2Matisse30 September 20193.6 GHz
3,600 MHz
3,600,000 kHz
A13 BionicAppleALightning Thunder20 September 2019
3600AMDRyzen 5Zen 2Matisse7 July 20193.6 GHz
3,600 MHz
3,600,000 kHz
3600XAMDRyzen 5Zen 2Matisse7 July 20193.8 GHz
3,800 MHz
3,800,000 kHz
E-2286GIntelXeon ECoffee LakeCoffee Lake ER27 May 20194 GHz
4,000 MHz
4,000,000 kHz
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