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The ON Char event is triggered when a character results from pressing one or more inside of a custom @window.

See the note about the on keydown event, pressing control + o should result in two keypress being reported from on keydown, and control + o generates the character with code point 15, on char will trigger for that character.

This event fills the following identifiers:

$keyvalThe unicode codepoint of the character resulting from keypresses
$keycharThe actual character resulting from keypresses
$keyrptIf the key is being held down/repeating


ON <level>:char:<@>:<codepoint,...,codepointN>:<commands>


<level>The corresponding access levels for the event to trigger.

<@>The Custom Windows where this event should listen. Can be @ for all windows.

<codepoint>The specific characters' codepoints to listen for. Can specify multiple codepoints, such as:

ON *:char:@myWindow:38,42,55,78:echo -a $keyval


Create an alias that launches a custom, picture window which listens for resulting character from keypresses and displays the character and if it is repeating:

alias keyDownTest {
  window -p $+ $iif($window(@myWindow),ra) @myWindow 550 300 250 105
ON *:char:@myWindow:*: {
  clear @myWindow
  drawtext @myWindow 1 3 3 Codepoint value: $iif($keyval,$v1,NA)
  drawtext @myWindow 1 3 25 Character: $iif($keychar,$v1,NA)
  drawtext @myWindow 1 3 47 Repeating: $keyrpt

The following command can now be typed into any mIRC command prompt:


Below is an image reflecting what this example will look like:

This screenshot shows an example of the ON KEYDOWN event custom example.


Added: mIRC v7.62
Added on: 29 Jul 2020
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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