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Developer Xiaomi
Manufacturer TSMC
Type System on chips
Introduction February 28, 2017 (announced)
Architecture Performance ARM SoC
µarch Cortex-A53, Cortex-A73
Word size 64 bit
8 octets
16 nibbles
Process 28 nm
0.028 μm
2.8e-5 mm
, 10 nm
0.01 μm
1.0e-5 mm
Technology CMOS
Clock 1,400 MHz-2,200 MHz

Surge is a family of 64-bit performance ARM system-on-chips designed by Xiaomi and launched in 2017. Development for the custom chips was done by Xiaomi's subsidiary Pinecone. Surge processors are set to be used in a number of Xiaomi's own smartphones.



Xiaomi was founded in April of 2010 and has been using other ARM processors for their mobile from various vendors such as Qualcomm and Nvidia. In 2014 Xiaomi established Pinecone, a new subsidiary for the sole purpose of designing their own chips in-house to allow for higher integration in their devices. In February of 2017 Xiaomi announced their first chip in their Surge family, the S1 with a flagship S2 model to be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2017.


 List of Xiaomi Surge Processors
 Main processorIGP
S128 nm
0.028 μm
2.8e-5 mm
Cortex-A53881.4 GHz
1,400 MHz
1,400,000 kHz
2.2 GHz
2,200 MHz
2,200,000 kHz
Mali-T860800 MHz
0.8 GHz
800,000 KHz
S210 nm
0.01 μm
1.0e-5 mm
Cortex-A53 Cortex-A7388Mali-G71900 MHz
0.9 GHz
900,000 KHz
Count: 2

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Facts about "Surge - Xiaomi"
designerXiaomi +
first announcedFebruary 28, 2017 +
full page namexiaomi/surge +
instance ofsystem on a chip family +
instruction set architectureARMv8 +
main designerXiaomi +
manufacturerTSMC +
microarchitectureCortex-A53 + and Cortex-A73 +
nameSurge +
process28 nm (0.028 μm, 2.8e-5 mm) + and 10 nm (0.01 μm, 1.0e-5 mm) +
technologyCMOS +
word size64 bit (8 octets, 16 nibbles) +