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PPS-4 (10660) - Rockwell International
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Rockwell PPS-4
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General Info
DesignerRockwell International
ManufacturerRockwell International
Model NumberPPS-4
Part Number10660,
IntroductionAugust, 1972 (launched)
General Specs
Frequency198.864 kHz
Process10 μm
Die12 mm²
Word Size4 bit
Max Memory2 KiB
Max Address Mem4 KiB
TDP600 mW
OP Temperature0 °C – 70 °C

The PPS-4 (also known by its part number 10660) was a 4-bit microprocessor designed by Rockwell International and first produced at the 3rd quarter of 1972, making it one of the earliest commercially available microprocessors. The PPS-4 is part of the PPS-4 Family.

It appears that in 1975-6 Rockwell might have renamed the 10660 to 12660 after introducing the PPS-4/2. It's not exactly clear if any actual changes were done to the die itself, but its entirely possible.

Instruction set[edit]

Main article: PPS-4 Instruction Set
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base frequency0.199 MHz (1.98864e-4 GHz, 198.864 kHz) +
designerRockwell International +
die area12 mm² (0.0186 in², 0.12 cm², 12,000,000 µm²) +
familyPPS-4 +
first launchedAugust 1972 +
full page namerockwell international/pps-4/10660 +
instance ofmicroprocessor +
ldateAugust 1972 +
manufacturerRockwell International +
max memory0.00195 MiB (2 KiB, 2,048 B, 1.907349e-6 GiB, 1.862645e-9 TiB) +
max memory address4 KiB +
max operating temperature70 °C +
microarchitecturePPS-4 +
min operating temperature0 °C +
model numberPPS-4 +
nameRockwell PPS-4 +
part number10660 + and 12660 +
process10,000 nm (10 μm, 0.01 mm) +
tdp0.6 W (600 mW, 8.046e-4 hp, 6.0e-4 kW) +
transistor count1,900 +
word size4 bit (0.5 octets, 1 nibbles) +