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Rockwell International
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Rockwell International
rockwell international logo.svg
Type Public
Founded 1919
Founder Willard Rockwell
Fate Spun-off
Defunct 2001
Headquarters Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rockwell International was an American manufacturing company. In 1967 Rockwell Semiconductor division was established to develop various semiconductor chips.

In 1996 Rockwell International incorporated its semiconductor division as Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Inc. Rockwell Semiconductor was spun off as a public company in 1999, becoming Conexant.



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company typepublic +
defunct2001 +
fateSpun-off +
founded1919 +
founderWillard Rockwell +
full page namerockwell international +
headquartersMilwaukee, Wisconsin +
instance ofsemiconductor company +
nameRockwell International +
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