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MSM1 - Qualcomm
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Qualcomm MSM1
Developer Qualcomm
Type System On Chips
Introduction March 1993 (announced)
1993 (launch)
Architecture Modem implementing CDMA
ISA x86-16
µarch 80186
Word size 16 bit
2 octets
4 nibbles
Process 800 nm
0.8 μm
8.0e-4 mm
Technology CMOS
Package QFP

MSM1 (Mobile Station Modem 1) was a second generation family of mobile system on chips with CDMA modem capabilities designed by Qualcomm and introduced in 1993. This chip is based on their first generation which was an R&D version only.


MSM1 was designed as a complete solution for portable or mobile cellular telephones implementing CDMA. The chip is a combined design of what was originally three independent integrated circuits that were fabricated in 1.2 µm. MSM1 supported full-duplex voice and data communication

  • Die
    • Package: Quad-flat-pack
    • Die Size: 10.41 mm x 10.67 mm
    • 450,000 transistors
    • Fabricated on a double-metal 0.8 µm CMOS process
  • Max power consumption 350 mW
  • 5 V

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Facts about "MSM1 - Qualcomm"
designerQualcomm +
first announcedMarch 1993 +
first launched1993 +
full page namequalcomm/msm1 +
instance ofsystem on a chip family +
instruction set architecturex86-16 +
main designerQualcomm +
microarchitecture80186 +
nameQualcomm MSM1 +
packageQFP +
process800 nm (0.8 μm, 8.0e-4 mm) +
technologyCMOS +
word size16 bit (2 octets, 4 nibbles) +