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$pos returns the case-insensitive position of the Nth substring within a text string. $poscs is the case-sensitive version.


$pos(text,substring [,N] )
$poscs(text,substring [,N] )


  • text - The string being searched
  • substring - The string being searched for within text string
  • N - The Nth occurrence of substring being searched for. Default is 1 if parameter not used, you can use N=0 to return the count of string's occurrences.




//echo -a $pos(DEADBEEF,E)
returns: 2 (search is case-insensitive) (Default N=1 when 3rd parameter isn't used)
//echo -a $pos(DEADBEEF,e,2)
returns: 6
//echo -a $pos(DEADBEEF,e,0)
returns: 3 (count of letter 'e')
//echo -a $pos(deadbeef,db,1)
returns: 4
//echo -a $pos(DEADBEEF,x,0)
returns: $null (not found)
//var %a a $chr(32) b | echo -a The string has length $len(%a) and contains $pos(%a,$chr(32),0) spaces
//echo -a The path-less filename is $mid($mircexe, $calc(1+$pos($mircexe,\, $count($mircexe,\) ) ) )


Added: mIRC v4.52
Added on: 06 Jul 1996
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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