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$asc returns the Unicode code point number for the character (or first character of the string).






charThis would be any special character, letter, or number for which you wish to retrieve the Unicode code point. Only codepoints 1-65535 are valid. For codepoints above 65535, it instead returns the first UTF-8 surrogate. If the parameter is a string, the 1st character of the string is used as the 'char'. If parameter is a string, it uses only the 1st character of that string.

  • Note: mIRC v6.35 and earlier only support codepoints 1-255


Echo the Unicode code point for the letters A and a to the active window

//echo -a A is $asc(A) and a is $asc(a)

Echo the Unicode code point for the number 7 to the active window

//echo -a $asc(7)
Echo the Unicode codepoint for the lower-case 'm' because that's the first character of the string.
//echo -a $asc(mIRC)
Retrieve the codepoint for any input:
alias Get_Asc {
  //var %a $input(type or paste any character/string or alt-NNN or alt-0NNN value,e) | echo -a the codepoint for %a  is $asc(%a)
The C parameter for the token identifiers uses the same codepoint number output by $asc():
//echo -a mIRC.exe is located in folder $gettok($mircexe,-2,$asc(\))
Unicode codepoint 128286 has UTF-8 Encoding of 0xF0 0x9F 0x94 0x9F and UTF-16 Encoding of 0xD83D 0xDD1F. Translated to decimal, these numbers are UTF-8 240 159 148 159 and UTF-16 55357 56607. If you change the font to "Segoe UI Symbol" which supports viewing this emoji, you'll see a number 10 inside a box. The numbers in the displayed message are the same even if your Font doesn't correctly display the emoji. This shows that $asc sees the only the UTF-8 surrogates of the string.
//bset &v 1 240 159 148 159 | var %a $bvar(&v,1-).text | echo -a  %a is $asc($mid(%a,1)) $asc($mid(%a,2))


Added: mIRC v4.5
Added on: 30 Jun 1996
Note: Unless otherwise stated, this was the date of original functionality.
Further enhancements may have been made in later versions.

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