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Hydra or Hydra Interface is a custom interface designed by HiSilicon for their Kunpeng (Hi16xx) family of ARM server processors designed to facilitate coherent symmetric multiprocessing support.


The Hydra Interface is a high-speed cache coherent interconnect architecture designed to facilitate symmetric multiprocessing between their Kunpeng processors. The Hydra interface is multiplexed over a number of extra PCIe lanes. Each Hydra interface has either x4 or 8x lanes.

When in 2-way SMP, multiple Hydra interfaces are combined.

2-way SMP Hydra Interface
Links 10 GT/s 12 GT/s
1 1x8 10 GB/s 12 GB/s
2 2x8 20 GB/s 24 GB/s
3 3x8 30 GB/s 36 GB/s

Kunpeng 920 2smp.svg

In a 4-way SMP, three Hydra interfaces are used per CPU with one link between each CPU, creating an all-to-all connection.

Kunpeng 920 4smp.svg