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Low-voltage-In-Package-INterCONnect (LIPINCON) is a proprietary system interconnect architecture that facilitates data transmission across all linked components.


LIPINCON is an interconnect architecture designed for chiplet designs with advanced packaging technologies such as InFO and CoWoS. LIPINCON uses a timing compensation mechanism in order to achieve a low-power and small area slave PHY (e.g., memory die or a transceiver die) while excluding the PLL/DLL but retaining good timing margins.


The architecture is designed to take advantage of an advanced packaging technology such as CoWoS whereby multiple dies are stacked on a silicon interposer communicating by PHYs over short wires. LIPINCON uses two different types of PHYs: PHYC for an SoC die and PHYM for a memory, transceiver, or similar kind of dies. The clock source in the PHYM relies on one system clock propagated from PHYC. There is no PLL/DLL function blocks built in PHYM because it assumes that the SoC will generally be fabricated on a more advanced node and is therefore capable of handling this more efficiently than a memory/transceiver that may be made on a more mature node.


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