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MLU100 - Cambricon
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cambricon mlu100 front.png
General Info
Model NumberMLU100
IntroductionNovember 7, 2017 (announced)
May 3, 2018 (launched)
General Specs
Frequency1,000 MHZ, 1,300 MHz
TDP80 W, 110 W

MLU100 is a high-performance neural processor designed by Cambricon and introduced for the server market in mid-2018. The MLU100 is manufactured on TSMC's 16 nm process and operates at 1 GHz with a high-performance mode of 1.3 GHz.


In balanced mode which has a power envelope of 80 W, this processor has a theoretical peak performance of 128 trillion fixed-point (8-bit int) operations per second and 64 half-precision floating point (16-bit) TFLOPS. The efficiency of the chip slightly worsens at high-performance mode in favors of higher performances. In this mode the processor has a peak performance of 166.4 TOPS and 83.2 half-precision TFLOPS.

 Balanced ModeHigh-Perf Mode
Frequency1 GHz1.3 GHz
8-bit Int128 TOPS166.4 TOPS
16-bit FP64 TFLOPS83.2 TFLOPS

Accelerator Card[edit]

cambricon mlu100 card.png

Cambricon also sells the MLU100 in a PCIe accelerator card form factor. The x16 PCIe card comes in two versions with a 16 GiB and a 32 GiB of DDR4.

Memory controller[edit]

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ram icons.svg
Integrated Memory Controller
Max TypeDDR4-3200
Supports ECCYes
Max Mem64 GiB
Max Bandwidth95.37 GiB/s
165.944 GB/s
97,658.88 MiB/s
0.0931 TiB/s
0.102 TB/s
Single 23.84 GiB/s
Double 47.68 GiB/s
Quad 95.37 GiB/s
Facts about "MLU100 - Cambricon"
base frequency1,300 MHz (1.3 GHz, 1,300,000 kHz) +
designerCambricon +
familyMLU +
first announcedNovember 7, 2017 +
first launchedMay 3, 2018 +
full page namecambricon/mlu/mlu100 +
has ecc memory supporttrue +
isaMLUv100 +
ldateMay 3, 2018 +
main imageFile:cambricon mlu100 front.png +
manufacturerTSMC +
market segmentServer +
max memory bandwidth95.37 GiB/s (165.944 GB/s, 97,658.88 MiB/s, 0.0931 TiB/s, 0.102 TB/s) +
max memory channels4 +
model numberMLU100 +
nameMLU100 +
supported memory typeDDR4-3200 +
tdp80 W (80,000 mW, 0.107 hp, 0.08 kW) + and 110 W (110,000 mW, 0.148 hp, 0.11 kW) +
technologyCMOS +