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Machine Learning Unit (MLU) - Cambricon
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Developer Cambricon
Manufacturer TSMC
Type Neural Processors
Introduction Nov 7, 2017 (announced)
May 3, 2018 (launch)
Word size 64 bit
8 octets
16 nibbles
Process 16 nm
0.016 μm
1.6e-5 mm
Technology CMOS
Clock 1,000 MHz-1,300 MHz

Machine Learning Unit (MLU) is a family of neural processors designed by Cambricon.


Announced in late 2017, the MLU family of neural processors designed for cloud-based workloads for both inference and training. In contrast to Cambricon's mobile and edge computing IP cores, those processors have a higher power envelope and are designed for much higher performance.


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designerCambricon +
first announcedNovember 7, 2017 +
first launchedMay 3, 2018 +
full page namecambricon/mlu +
instance ofintegrated circuit family +
instruction set architectureMLU +
main designerCambricon +
manufacturerTSMC +
nameMLU +
process16 nm (0.016 μm, 1.6e-5 mm) +
technologyCMOS +
word size64 bit (8 octets, 16 nibbles) +